Fall 2011


To All Members:


Every year, we have a number of members that go out of their way to help our Golf Club.

This year is certainly no exception, and we wish to recognize all of you
and to thank all of you for your efforts big or small:



Luc Fortin

Luc is involved with anything that has to do with working with the tractor!
This year Luc tackled the parking lot & the cart paths (as usual).

He was also the go-to guy that took on the project of fixing our bridge
which give us access to our maintenance garage. 

He also helped with the new course signs on the holes and the new road sign.


Bert Blais

This year took on the project of changing all our signs on the tee deck on all the holes.

He also went ahead with changing our road sign, which was due for a few years now.

Bert assembles people and gets things done.


Carol Smith

Carol loves to work in her garden and has made the golf club her garden away from home.

Every year she shops for flowers and supplies, puts up all the flowers at the club

and then with some help makes sure that everything is maintained.


Steve Foden

When we announced that we would be getting a new washroom out on the course,

everyone was pleased about the news, Steve came up and offered to build it for us: AT NO COST!!!

So next year, since the washroom was built in October, when you simply have to go, you will be going

into a new washroom and rainshelther situated on # 4 tee.


Here's a picture of the crew that worked on the road sign:



Left to right: Maurice Gaulin, Bert Blais, Christian Lambert, Gerry Fortin, Marcel Blais.

Not present were Jim Mangan and Luc Fortin.


Thanks to all the following:

Luc Fortin, Bert Blais, Carol Smith, Steve Foden & Staff,

all members of the Executive, all volunteers for the Bob Young, Adam & Eve, Senior's tournament,

Junior Invitational, Eva Blais, Hélène Jean, Robert Ratté, Maurice Gaulin, Gerry Fortin,

Christian Lambert, Marcel Blais, Jim Mangan, Randy Wiebe, Denis Rossi, Sylvie Leclerc, Roger Paquin, etc?


If we forgot anyone, we apologize but please let us know if you know someone that was forgotten...



On the behalf of the Executive

Yours Truly

David Guay

CPGA/Pro Manager